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This site was created for the Star-Ship Model Builder...

And other model builds! With tips on how to build, light, paint, and get the MOST from your model build...Our LED/Fiber/Optic lighting kits DO NOT have circuit boards to solder, the LEDS animation is built into each LED!... Also the lighting system will run for several hours on the 3 volt power source supplied in our kits... 

Are you lighting your model?

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Boyd Crompton

Is one of the most avid and sought after model builders on u-tube (huge fan base)... Here is a montage of some of his building skills  (AKA TrekWorks)...(AKA SciFiModelAction)  AWESOME MODEL BUILDER...I have picked up A TON of tips from him...Learn and ENJOY!

Another huge montage from Boyd at TrekWorks ... MUST WATCH!

Includes the K-7 space station and all ships! 

SG IDEAS flying RC Star Trek SHIPS...!

SCI-FI Model Action a wealth of info!

RC/ Sci-Fi models/ and reviews 

Three foot long studio version Klingon D-7 battle cruiser  

Although Galactic Modeler is a Space and Star Ship site... Because of FLOODING emails wanting us to show videos of HIGH TEST Air Craft, and build lighting kits for them, We gave in!... Our first aircraft  lighting kit was created for the SR-71 Black Bird spy plane!  Which is pretty much a SPACECRAFT!  

Our USS ENTERPRISE 1701-D LED Lighting kit...To view our LED lighting kit for this model ... (Click on image below)   

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At Galactic Modeler 

We have designed unique/affordable LED and fiber/optic lighting kits for most model Star Ships, if you need a CUSTOM built LED lighting kit for a Star Ship or other model... Contact us...We will build it for you at an affordable price. 

We have developed our LED/Fiber Optic lighting kits on a 3volt system that provides... NO Messy AC-DC Adapters And Cords EVERYWHERE!...

"NO FRUSTERATING"  CIRCUIT BOARDS!... Pre Soldered Micro switches!...

 NO One else can say this!... Our LED lighting kits have Slow and Fast Strobe LEDS... Pulsating LEDS, Phaser-Photon and BLASTER LEDS!  The animation features are BUILT INTO EACH LED! Thus eliminating circuit boards and all that soldering! ...You will LOVE and ENJOY!... Our LED lighting kits!

Our AMT/ERTL 22 Inch USS Enterprise 1701-A Build:  "From Wrath Of Khan"  

She is a beautiful Ship! Our LED lighting kit makes this Star Ship LOOK AWESOME! Very easy to install. Very REALISTIC Lighting! And reasonably priced! ENJOY!