Make Your Star Ship GALACTIC!... LED/Fiber/Optic Lighting Kits! 


This site was created for the Star-Ship Model Builder...

We have taken the time to (hand pick) videos so you do not look for hours finding your starships building video clip! With tips on how to build, light, paint, and get the MOST from your model build... Are you lighting your model?. Visit Our LED Model Lighting Store! 


Is one of the most avid and sought after model builders on u-tube (huge fan base)... Here is a montage of some of his building skills  (AKA TrekWorks)  AWESOME MODEL BUILDER...Learn and ENJOY!

At Galactic Modeler 

We have unique/affordable LED and fiber/optic lighting kits for most model Star Ships, if you need a custom LED lighting kit for a Star Ship or other model... Contact us... We also offer pre-built lighting kits, so all you do is drop them in and you are done! ... World-Wide Delivery!

Our USS Enterprise 1701-D Lighting kit... (video below)... The internal battery allows you to suspend the Star Ship "IN SPACE" instead of stuck on a shelf!...:) 

Another huge montage from Boyd at TrekWorks ... MUST WATCH!

Includes the K-7 space station and all ships! 

SG IDEAS flying RC Star Trek SHIPS...!

SCI-FI Model Action a wealth of info!

RC/ Sci-Fi models/ and reviews 

Three foot long studio version Klingon D-7 battle cruiser  

Although Galactic Modeler is a Space and Star Ship site... Because of FLOODING emails wanting us to show videos of HIGH TEST Air Craft, and build lighting kits for them, We gave in!... Our first aircraft  lighting kit was created for the SR-71 Black Bird spy plane!  Which is pretty much a SPACECRAFT!  This lighting kit will double as a "Galactica Viper" and Star Wars X-Wing LED kit!   

USS ENTERPRISE 1701-D LED Lighting kit (Click on image below)