Our TNG Romulan Warbird Build:

This time we covered this ships build from start to finish! .We cut a battery cover in the ships under-hull...We covered how-to cut and clear resin backfill areas for that dramatic lighting effect we are known for! If you check U-Tube you will find our LED lighting kits are SUPERIOR! With EFFECT'S/SIMPLICITY and PRICING!...ENJOY!

EXAMPLE OF OVERLIT KIT (BELOW)                                                                                        OUR LIGHTING KIT LOOKS REAL!

Our Advanced Modeler Bird Of Prey Build:


She has total window lighting! Flashing Marker LEDS! And Sports LED Phaser Cannons! This LED Lighting Kit Is NOT recommended for the beginning modeler...

Our K'tinga Battle Cruisor Build:

We cut out and clear back-filled several areas for a more dramatic lighting effect...Our LED lighting kit includes...EVERYTHING you need to create this AWESOME SHIP!!!  

Our Basic Bird Of Prey LED Lighting Kit Build: 

This LED kit features:

Internal 3 volt lithium battery placement, pulsating engines and photons. window lighting! Very easy LED lighting kit to install!    

Our TOS Klingon D7 Build:

A POWERFUL ship in her day! She was later refit into the K'TINGA battle cruisor: Using our LED lighting kit we created a D7 that is UNPARALLELED!....... CHECK IT OUT!    

Our TOS Romulan Warbird Build:

Awesome build! We used our LED lighting kit... Includes a POWERFULL 3 volt Lithium battery that fits PERFECT in this ship! This item also includes clear green resin nacelle caps and PLASMA WEAPON EFFECT'S! No messy adapter wires internal battery placement (SHOWN!)...

So you have decided to light your pride and joy!

And you may have researched the seemingly millions of options! If you are a modeler that enjoys soldering circuit boards, resistors, diodes, capacitors, and has an AC-DC convertor box running everything... Then our lighting kits might not be for you!

However if you are looking for an EASY TO INSTALL lighting kit for your model... That has a simple 3volt power source, that allows you to suspend your ship in space... And has LEDS that are hand-picked to run off our 3volt power source for over several days off non-stop use! With no circuit boards, no resistors, no soldering, no messy convertor box cords... THEN OUR LIGHTING KIT IS FOR YOU.... See them here!   

Also when choosing a lighting kit for your model... Something many modelers overlook is will the lighting kit have the right amount of lights to make your model look authentic, one thing to watch for is... Several lighting kits have way TO LARGE of LEDS for the flashing port/ starboard/ and anti-collision lights!  I have purchased some of those kits and I was very disappointed, I ended up yanking out most of those lights and installing the correct size and brightness!

Which comes to another lighting subject... Are the lights TO BRIGHT for my ship?... I have seen on U-TUBE and several other venues, ships that are lit so bright that there is only one word for them....... RIDICULOUS !!!...  Our kits have the correct size flashing and internal window LED lights!

We at Galactic Modeler we take pride in the fact, we have created...

And we stand behind our products with after the sale support that's  ( SECOND TO NONE )... Any questions please contact : CONANGROUP@NETZERO.COM              

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