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Galileo 7 Playmates Refit Build:

We took a 14-1/2" inch long playmates version and did a refit and lighting kit for this model. We cut out and backfilled the control panel with clear resin, and added fiber optics to control panel computers and kirk's chair...AWESOME LED LIGHTING KIT PROJECT! 

You can purchase this playmates Galileo on....eBay  HERE...

Or Randy Cooper makes a "real un-built kit".... 12" inches long that is very nice! You can see his kit... HERE  

Our AMT Galileo 7 Build:

Using our LED lighting kit! ...We cut out and resin backfilled rear windows, and used the clear resin nacelle caps that come with our lighting kit...Also some fiber optic flash for the control panels...FUN BUILD!   

Our 18" TOS 1701 Build: Captain Kirk's 1701 Star Ship

"The Ship and Captain"....... THAT STARTED IT ALL!

Although the ship and lighting are a bit basic, it is a MUST HAVE!  

Our 1701-D Build:

She has Pulsating Engine Cores... A Great lighting kit!

For a VERY BEAUTIFUL Star Ship! 

Our USS Reliant Build:

The Reliant LED lighting kit has forward and aft phasers photons...And our kit includes clear blue resin engine parts! ...AS KHAN STATES...IT IS VERY VERY COLD IN SPACE!  

Our Into The Darkness JJ Enterprise Build:

She is a beautiful Star Ship! Our Lighting kit has "Pulsating LEDS" for the engines and everything needed to make an OUTSTANDING LIT MODEL!  

Our USS Voyager Build:

We are very proud of her! Our advanced lighting kit includes...

NEVER SEEN BEFORE!... Both PHASERS and PHOTONS! And a shuttle leaving her bay! She can be suspended IN SPACE as there are no messy adapter cords! ENJOY!

Several more Federation Ship videos coming soon, check back often...