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Our Obi-Wan JEDI Star Fighter Build! Awesome Ship!

OUR ANAKIN SKYWALKER'S NABOO SKIFF BUILD: We molded the rear engines out of clear red resin...Then added fiber/optic cockpit lighting, and BLASTER LEDS... cool little ship!  We found this ship on eBay for ten bucks...And as usual it looks much better with LED lighting... 

OUR STAR WARS GENERAL GRIEVOUS'S STARFIGHTER BUILD:We love the design of this starship!...It looks like a SPACE CORVETTE!... STAR WARS did a great job creating General Grievous's character, because he really got under my skin and I was so happy when Obi-Wan ...KILLED THE SON-OF-A-BITCH!...Anyway the Revell model is great and the lighting kit is awesome...We highly recommend you add one to your collection!

OUR AMT VIRAGO STAR FIGHTER BUILD: Much harder than a snap-tite build but very rewarding! Our LED lighting kit gives you everything needed to create this cool ship with Pulsating engines/ Fiber-Optics/ Cockpit lighting/ 3volt battery fits under the main fuselage!

OUR REVELL MANAGUARD SNAP-TITE BUILD: We have never built a snap-tite model! But have to say HATS OFF to REVELL! Every thing fit perfect! And they did a AWESOME airbrushed paint job! It only took a few hours to assemble and install our lighting kit! We HIGHLY RECOMMED THESE KITS!...And will be building more of them!

OUR STAR WARS AT-AT Build:  With Our LED Fiber/Optic Lighting Kit... We have always felt this poor beast NEEDED SOME FLASH! This LED lighting kit includes a powerful internal 3volt power supply/ BLASTER LEDS/ Fiber/Optics! ...EASY TO INSTALL...(WATCH VIDEO)...  


With Our LED Lighting Kit Installed... Pulsating Engines, Full Cockpit Lighting, Blaster LEDS!

OUR STAR WARS A-WING LED Lighting Kit Build: 

Our LED Lighting Kit Includes...Full Cockpit lighting, Pulsating engines, And Blaster Weapons!  


LED Kit Incudes...Full cockpit lighting, Pulsating engines, Fiber/Optics for strobe wing tips! Blaster LEDS!

OUR STAR WARS M Falcon Build:

Our LED lighting kit for this model now comes with "PULSATING" LEDS for the rear engines! And front spotlights that our original lighting kit did not include! 

OUR STAR WARS Snow Speeder Build:

An often overlooked model! But WE LOVED building and lighting this kit! Our LED lighting kit includes BLASTER LEDS, Pulsating engine LEDS, and FULL COCKPIT lighting! 


Our Luke Skywalker Red 5 X-Wing Build:

We recommend this LED lighting kit for the advanced modeler!

This lighting kit requires several areas to be cut out and back filled with clear resin! Also the 4 blaster LEDS are a real challenge! But if you are up for it you will love this lighting kit when you... FLIP THE SWITCH!

Our Darth Vader Tie Fighter Build:

This LED lighting kit is AWESOME! Darth's life support LEDS look great...We cut and clear resin backfilled most of his cockpit walls!

Also the engine and added pulsating engine lights!


A WOW!... AWESOME DREAM REALIZED! 6 Foot scratch built!